Welcome, we've noticed that this is your first time visiting The Snowfall Project. We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to what we have to offer and where you might find it.

First and foremost is our database of weather data from the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center (NWAC), which is a division of the US Forest Service and NOAA. Although we don't collect all the data from NWAC we do collect the major Ski Resorts from the Northern Cascades. These you can view from the Mountains menu on the top bar. We also display the NWAC forecasts from the Forecasts menu.

In addition to the storage of the weather data we've provided a service that allows the graphing of this data over time. Using the Graph link on the top bar will bring you to a page allowing you to customize a graph to fit your needs.

You may return view this introduction again if you wish by viewing the about page from the Help menu. The Options menu allows you to pick which page you are shown when you visit this sites root page. Also you can save a set of graphs that you'd like to view often (most likely ones with one of the numerious special dates)


Mt. Baker

Latest 24 hours of weather data

Date/Hour Temp 5000' Temp 4210' RH% 5000' RH% 4210' Wind MIN 5000' Wind AVG 5000' Wind MAX 5000' Wind DIR 5000' Hourly Precip 4210' Total Precip 4210' 24 Hour Snow 4210' Total Snow 4210'
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